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    All Friend Codes here!


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    All Friend Codes here!

    Post by Killr833 on Mon Oct 20, 2008 5:47 pm

    Post all friend codes so that we can Brawl eachother, or race in Mario Kart Wii... But it's not just the Wii, it's any system that has a friend code (or something like that).

    Wii Friend Code: 1985 5622 2007 6855
    Brawl Friend Code: 0345-0103-4934
    Mario Kart Wii Friend Code: 4897-6362-6182
    Dr. Mario Online RX Friend Code: 5479 5038 4322

    Of course, PM me with your code if you add me.

    I have 2 iPods.

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