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    Review: FunOrb


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    Review: FunOrb

    Post by Killr833 on Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:11 pm

    Review for FunOrb by Killr833

    FunOrb may seem a little hazy to your memory when you see the front page. But you can understand that FunOrb is the greatest in online games. Made by the makers of RuneScape themselves, they have done quite an amazing job.

    They have forums, downloads, and of course games, all that you would expect from a game site. The forums are HUGE, you can download stuff from your favorite games, and the games themselves are phenomenal. With all the games being completely different, you get a fresh experience every time.

    You can get in-game achievements for Orb Coins/Points. You can use the coins to get Orb Downloads, and the points take you to the Orb Points Leaderboard. You can see the best gamers of all, and you can see your other friends' achievements.

    There ain't no flaws to point out as of yet- but of course, if you find one, go to the front page, hover over "Help" and click on "Submit A Bug Report."

    Overall: 5/5
    Great graphics, great gameplay, great community

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