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    Review: RuneScape Halloween event/quest '08


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    Review: RuneScape Halloween event/quest '08

    Post by Biscuts222 on Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:15 pm

    Review for RuneScape Halloween event/quest '08 by Biscuts222

    This time I'm reviewing the 2008 RuneScape Halloween event.

    This year Jagex surprised us with something a little different. A quest to go along with our event, a quest!

    The Halloween Event itself is comprised of "Trick or Treating" for a Witch named Maggie. You collect candy for her and she rewards you with a new set of fun clothes. Warlock. Orange and black decorative clothes just like most of the Events now.
    Takes a bit of time to complete and isn't all that fun, but I love the Warlock.

    Overall: 2/5

    The quest that came with the event is a little different than most quests. No requirements and no items required... The only thing that is required is a little thinking.
    Which IMO is a lot worse than items anyway.

    Maggie needs you to go to three different witches to get her broom enchanted so she can complete her wicked witch brew. The first puzzle is some mixed up labels you must fix... The second is some animal rearrangement... And the third sweeping away sand.

    The reward for finishing the quest is 10 bowls of her brew (Goulash) which turns out to be soup that grants experience. Also her broom. The broom may seem useless but you can get it enchanted so that you can teleport to the Sorcerer's garden minigame and for a load of magic experience depending on your current magic level.

    Overall the quest kept my interest and challenged my intellect, also the bit of experience the soup gave was kinda nice.

    Overall: 4/5

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    Re: Review: RuneScape Halloween event/quest '08

    Post by Killr833 on Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:27 pm

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